How Residential DOOH Advertising is Beneficial For Your Business?

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How Residential DOOH Advertising is Beneficial For Your Business?

Published on January 20, 2023
Updated on January 21, 2023

Digital out-of-home advertising [DOOH] is a combination of offline OOH advertising, which has all digital elements in it. DOOH advertising uses digital screens to deliver content to people on time. We provide gated community DOOH advertising that allows us to timely deliver the content to the residents living in the community. 

DOOH [Digital Out-Of-Home] advertising can be displayed on the digital screens of the elevators, near the elevators, lobbies, corridors, or at the entrance of the residential building. Such interactive advertising technology gives us the opportunity to break through the cluttered media landscape and give tough competition to our competitors in the market. This digital out-of-home [DOOH] advertising has an advantage over traditional OOH advertising as it is not limited to static messaging, is highly interactive, and is much more accessible. 

Why Do Residential Digital Out-Of-Home Ads Have An Advantage Over Traditional Ads? 

[1] Low Expenses 

DOOH advertising within the gated community DOOH advertising has an added advantage over traditional billboards. As traditional billboards require printing and installation costs for every new advertisement. While the digital screens are automated and update on-time content and can also change the content according to the content schedule. 

[2] Creates Impactful Campaigns

Programmatic DOOH is pretty impactful, engaging, and impressive which combines content creativity and context that can easily create memorable campaigns. Such relevant campaigns are only possible with dynamic ads and not static display ads. 

[3] Displays a Variety of Content 

Residential DOOH advertising in India has become the greatest asset of marketers in the country as a variety of content can be displayed one after the other or even simultaneously. DOOH ads can switch from one media to another within a few seconds. When contents change it helps the viewers to remain curious and excited about more messaging. 

[4] Target Audience 

When the ads are running on personal devices or browser it causes disruption in the form of ad blockers while DOOH ads have no obstacles in viewership and it reaches the target audience on time. 

[5] Detailed Reports 

DOOH displays use such software that produces useful reports that include key metrics and it helps the marketers and operators to ensure that the ad content is played without any issues. DOOH gives proof of play on different screens at the scheduled time and incident reports. DOOH campaigns can also generate useful viewership analytics. 

Bellplus Media is a Blessing for Residential DOOH Advertising! 

Bellplus Media is the top DOOH advertising company in India and we as the top DOOH advertising company have the intention to generate distinctive and flexible content on a real-time basis which helps you to advertise your brand and products amongst the people of the residential building in a particular community. 

We place the screens where there is high visibility, target the potential customers, and enhance the purchasing power locations in the residential communities. 

We provide the No. 1 innovative digital advertising solution for your brand and this helps us to promote your brand name in the residential colonies, communities, and buildings. 

We have clients from every major industry from automotive, malls, foods and beverage, manufacturing, electronics, tourism, real estate, and healthcare to lifestyle or personal brands, and known for catering to the needs of the clients on time. 

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