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The Importance of Location-Based Advertising in DOOH

Published on April 25, 2023
Updated on April 25, 2023

When it comes to a digital advertisement it is very important to understand that location is a very important thing to target the right audience. Right from an outdoor hoarding to an interactive digital board or kiosks in the malls and other commercial spaces in every place the place where you place them is an integral part of your advertisement process. DOOH is the highest competitor of every other type of advertising process.

Bellplus Media is an ad tech company that has adapted well to the possibilities and evolution of ad tech and provides the best out-of-home digital advertising solution. 

Why Is DOOH Important For Marketers? 

The DOOH provides the best possible possibilities for advertising on a digital platform such as retargeting, hyper-targeting, and interactive advertising. It makes the brand more powerful, and engaging and controls on-site selection even though it has its initial investment costs are high but it has several added advantages. For any programmatic DOOH, location-based intelligence is a powerful tool that enhances the programmatic DOOH ecosystem. 

The Power of Location-Based Programmatic DOOH 

There are several aspects of DOOH that can be optimized and rationalized that use location data. Some of the advantages of advertising are based on the location-based programmatic DOOH. 

[1] Impactful Site and Audience Selection 

Location intelligence allows the deepest insights into audience exposure to a DOOH site. By making the people and places come together through high-quality consumer location data, it gives an immense opportunity for marketers to reach within localities and reach the target audiences on time. This shall result in higher engagement and purchase as a result of the DOOH exposure. 

[2] Omnichannel Mindset

Why shouldn't DOOH exposure have an impact beyond a quick drive by the billboard? Marketers can retarget individuals following their exposure and interaction with a DOOH ad through other channels by incorporating location and mobile intelligence into the DOOH strategy. This not only increases the impact of DOOH investments but also creates space for immersive, device-independent brand experiences that can increase brand recall among consumers.

[3] Creative Optimization With Dynamism

Dynamic innovation has taken the web-based show promoted by a tempest. A Sizmek study found that 87% of marketers who have used dynamic creative optimization concur that their ROI is higher than that of traditional display. With area knowledge, mixing DOOH with the force of dynamic inventive close-by climate and traffic data is currently conceivable. By understanding human portability information and certifiable characteristics, ways of behaving, and buying requirements of people going through a DOOH site at a given season of the day, it is feasible to improve innovation for the particular DOOH for the most extreme effect. This will normally convert into higher commitment and possibly, higher income results from the DOOH lobby.

[4] Outcome-Focused Measurement                                                                         Location data, like standard OOH, makes it possible to link DOOH exposures to store foot traffic and even online purchases. One of the most important and beneficial outcomes of incorporating location-based attribution frameworks into your DOOH strategy is without a doubt this. Disconnected attribution is as of now turning into the new typical for crusades across channels. Life sight and location intelligence are expanding this possibility to include DOOH as well.

[5] Location Powered DOOH Is The Gold Standard 

It is pretty evident that location intelligence has truly limitless applications in DOOH. For the best results, marketers must intensify and integrate their location and DOOH strategies.

Bellplus Media has now raised the bar of DOOH advertising with probably the biggest players in the market. 

Area-based advertising helps with focusing on ideal clients during times that typically need people strolling through or in-person business. Location-based marketing has the potential to also increase busyness on this level in terms of online sales and traffic. A digital presence will be able to attract more web traffic the bigger it gets.

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