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Programmatic DOOH

Published on September 08, 2022
Updated on April 26, 2023

Digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising is the practice of distributing commercial material through digital displays in public areas. Both customers who are already becoming wary of internet advertising and the marketers and advertisers attempting to engage them might benefit from DOOH. DOOH media is best viewed as a logical progression of out-of-home media, or OOH media, which characterized the traditional outdoor advertising area for decades. For many years, one of the most frequent sorts of advertising was out-of-home (OOH) media, which refers to any type of advertising that consumers are exposed to in a public location outside of their homes and offline.



What is Programmatic DOOH: 

The benefits of DOOH stand out on their own. However, when programmatic possibilities are included, digital out-of-home advertising gains even more value. Programmatic DOOH, or PDOOH in short, is the automated purchase, sale, and distribution of DOOH advertising through the use of a specialized platform. To provide a complete picture of how and where customers are spending their time, PDOOH makes use of real-time data from a variety of sources, including location-based mobile data. 

Using digital signs in the real world, the technology then converts these behavioral tendencies into usable data that advertisers may use to target particular demographics. Advertisers establish a campaign budget and duration as well as demographic and other criteria for their PDOOH campaigns, such as weather, time of day, day of the week, etc. The ability to handpick DOOH displays in areas where the target audience is most likely to be present, compete for space on those screens, and have the ads start when all requirements are satisfied is crucial. 

The Benefits of Programmatic DOOH: 

pDOOH with contextual relevance:

Artificial Intelligence is incorporated into programmatic DOOH:

A higher return on investment:

Advertisers may target their ads more accurately with programmatic DOOH, resulting in better and more efficient targeting. This will allow them to increase their Return On Investment (ROI) while decreasing their Cost Per Impression (CPM). 

  1. Boosted sales:

With increased targeting, advertisers can reach their ideal customer base with relevant messages that increase sales conversions. By generating more leads and engaging customers at the right time during the buying cycle, they can convert more visitors into paying customers through programmatic DOOH advertising campaigns. 

  1. Targeting campaigns with greater precision:

DOOH media and digital advertising are amazing on their own, but combining them with other technology may increase the targeting and reach of your campaign. Using a DOOH display and face recognition technology, for example, allows you to practice audience targeting by tailoring your content to the demographics of those watching the display. This includes whether location data allows you to adjust your campaigns to the sort of weather that day, changing them depending on whether it's sunny, overcast, or pouring. Because several types of sensors and software may be combined with your programmatic advertising, the only limit to your campaign is your imagination.

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