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Why Do Brands Invest In DOOH Advertising?

Published on March 25, 2023

Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising is a form of advertising that uses the digital technology for the promotion of the product on the digital signage or digital sign board that are located in most of the public spaces. Such DOOH ads can be found in the public parks, residential buildings, restaurants, stadiums, retail stores, shopping malls, offices etc. 

The DOOH advertising is the most reliable, viable, quickest and feasible way to connect with the target audience or potential customers. The digital out of home advertising uses digital displays to display videos, menus, weather data and images that helps the marketers to connect with their customers. 

DOOH advertising helps in creating brand awareness for the companies and expands the reach and market. Display of brand story is another unique and impactful way to generate trust in a brand that connects the brand with the audience. A DOOH advertising campaign can generate brand name, brand awareness, and brand loyalty that play an important role in making the brand name a household name.

Benefits of Using DOOH Advertising For Brands 

Due to rapid technological advancements over the years, digital out-of-home advertising is rapidly increasing. It has gained immense popularity among the marketers and advertisers due to its market reach and diverse audience. Some of the benefits that are derived by the brands when they use DOOH advertising for the promotion of their brand. 

[1] Highly Noticeable and Visible 

Unlike the traditional advertising or static billboards the DOOH advertising is highly visible and noticeable from a far off distance. DOOH advertising can give a better competition to the other competitors in the market in comparison to traditional advertising. There’re digital kiosks, interactive touch displays, digital ads, dynamic videos, and immersive images that enable to grab the attention of the potential customers at a large scale. 

The  DOOH screens are situated at such a conspicuous location of the building or commercial or public spaces that they can be easily seen from any remote distance. This shall make your brand name stand out, become memorable and make your campaign more engaging. Such a high level of visibility shall guarantee to raise brand awareness. 

[2] Easy To Use 

The companies must use DOOH screens for advertising their brand as it is easy to use and easy to handle and allows the advertisers to unlock their hidden potential. Programmatic technology has to the greatest extent improved the performance of digital-out-of-home [DOOH] advertising. It is easier to make campaigns tailored to the situations and requirements of the  customers and even audience real-world behaviors. You can make real-time budget adjustments that enable your campaign to generate more authentic and impactful connections with your audience. 

[3] Improves Campaign Performance and Real World Behavior Targeting

The real-world behavioral insights help the marketers to boost the impact of the DOOH campaigns. The location based targeting uses the insights to connect the audience in the physical world to a better world where their brand choice, preferences and interests are taken into consideration. The marketers can easily improve their campaign performance through the location based targeting and also intelligently through the DOOH campaign can identify consumers. 

[4] DOOH Competes With Phones


When it comes to engagement Digital out-of-home advertising is equally engaging as the phones these days. As a maximum number of people spend their days outside traveling for work they are bound to look up from their phones and their eyes go straight to the DOOH screens. These DOOH screens can reach out to a massive audience at a very fast scale especially in the high traffic areas. 

[5] DOOH Has Strong Visual Impact

DOOH advertising always has a strong visual impact when compared to the traditional static billboards. DOOH has large screens, digital immersive and colorful images, moving images, graphics and videos. Digital out-of-home advertising creates interactive and immersive campaigns. DOOH grabs the attention of the people and allows the marketers to create campaigns when integrating DOOH with other marketing channels. 

[6] Highly Cost-Effective 

DOOH is a highly cost-effective method of advertising and marketing as they are usually priced on the basis of slot-based pricing. The brands will not have to spend much on the advertising as they can update any new ad or information directly on the same DOOH screen

Why Should Brands Continue To Invest In DOOH Advertising in the Future? 

As machine learning [ML] and Artificial Intelligence [AI] has become more affordable and accessible by a wide range of people it has opened many new opportunities for the DOOH in the market. DOOH shall become more innovative, interactive, immersive and impactful in the upcoming few years. AI shall allow the brand to create more data-driven, personalized and interactive campaigns that shall increase the customer engagement. 

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