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At Bell+, we know that there are always better ways to talk to people. We know that true marketing is about powerful messaging. It’s about earning trust without being invasive and that’s why we are one of the fastest growing companies in India today. We help bring your brand to life with the help of the most advanced, intelligent, and user-friendly systems that we customize to align with your business. 

The Digital Out of Home (DOOH) market in India is expanding rapidly with the DOOH screens growing fivefold in the last three years (2020). Industry experts estimate a 20% to 25% growth in the next five years indicating a high rate of success in consumer engagement. 

Adding elevator advertising to your marketing mix boosts engagement and cuts through the noise to bring you tangible, measurable results. With our innovative strategies and cutting-edge technology,  you can talk to your potential customers at a time when they are ready to listen. Message always received.


Our vision

Our vision is to tell the story that each brand wants its audience to hear, at the right time and place. We work tirelessly towards upholding that vision to make DOOH a medium that's accessible to anyone and everyone, from brand new startups to well-established companies


Our mission

We believe it should be easy for brands to talk to their target audience, Uninterrupted. Our mission is to facilitate this flow of conversation and fortify brand engagement.



K. Dev Abhilash

Co-Founder and CEO

Dev firmly believes that the success of a company stems from happy clients. To this end, he is instrumental in implementing the core ethics and values that makes customers trust Bell+ implicitly. He has held various sales positions in advertising firms. Currently, he takes care of sales and client marketing at Bell+ media.


C. V. Gayathri Monika

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Gayathri is experienced creating highly-effective marketing campaigns and crafting advertising strategies. She has worked with several brands and is passionate about making campaigns measurable and trackable for the best results. She also strives to make various forms of digital advertising more accessible to Indian brands.