The DOOH market

India’s digital out of home (DOOH) market is expected to grow rapidly over the next five years as more sites are converted to this format and as brands take advantage of the medium’s agility and ability to deliver measurability.

Growth of DOOH in the Indian market.

The number of DOOH screens has grown fivefold to 60,000 over the past three years, while, at Rs 150 crore, digital accounts for between 3% and 5% of the overall OOH market. Industry estimates suggest the DOOH market could grow 20-25% over the next five years, or more than double the rate of the total OOH market, but some observers are even more optimistic.

DOOH advertising vs Traditional advertising.

The quality of display will be phenomenal, much more data and intelligence will come in, making the medium extremely exciting for brands that will be able to get viewer estimation reports on a real-time basis to judge campaign efficacy.

DOOH advertising vs mobile advertising.

Imagine you are reading a blog and an ad pops up, would you even have a glance at it or how many times have we watched a YouTube ad without skipping, it is annoying and disturbing. While in the case of DOOH its all about the experience of watching an advertisement and elegance of how we catch the attention of the viewer.

Why choose DOOH for your ad campaign?

DOOH provides flexibility and integrity in handling your ad campaigns. It is more economical and environment friendly when compared to traditional flex printing billboards. You just have to fix your content and your ad can go live in few minutes, in this fast paced world we need the capability of moving things with ease which can be easily achieved by DOOH.

Why choose bell+ for your DOOH campaign..??

Bell+ brings in a new enhanced version of communication by the brands through its unique digital products which are:

  • Economic
  • Customized to deliver the exact message from brands
  • Flexible to modifications
  • High proximity and visibility to the viewers
  • Hyper local targeting to aim at the specific audience.

Thereby, creating an impactful significance and advantage to the brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have come to the right place!! Our expert team at Bell+ is there with you every step of the way to plan out your ad campaigns from start to finish. Our strategy is personalized and hand-picked exclusive to your campaign.
Bell+ holds its operations through cloud software. So, a technician makes a personal visit only in case of maintenance operations.
We don’t take much of your time!! It takes 30-60 min to install screens in a whole property either inside or outside elevator.
Either you post it through our web portal or Bell+ app, it takes a couple of minutes to approve and display your advertisement on the screens from bell+ team.
We at bell+, instead try to create a more digital elegance to your property with our screens. We do not drill or clang the walls, we put up the screens with advanced adhesive technology which is also easy to remove. No traces left behind.
The main motive of bell+ is to create economical and efficient ad campaigns to our customers, with the varied and customized options to choose across different locations it is in the hands of our customer on the type of campaign he is looking for.
We have a self-serve advertising software for you.
You can upload your ads yourself directly through your smart phones and watch them go live in just a few moments.
Yes, of course, you can experience it.
Our software is equipped to send you a screenshot of how your advertisement is being displayed on the device once it starts playing.