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Boost Your Brand's Visibility In T-Hub With Bellplus Media's DOOH Screens!

Published on March 25, 2023
Updated on March 25, 2023

Bellplus Media is one of the top most Ad Tech companies in the country which promotes DOOH advertising as the most effective way for marketers to advertise their brand to the target audience. Bellplus Media standees DOOH screens are fixed in the conspicuous part of T-Hub building which is easily noticeable even from a far off distance.


DOOH screens are the most flexible, schedule content on time, update and watch content from any remote location. Such digital screens are less expensive, more flexible, better reach and impactful than the traditional billboards.


T-Hub is the hub of newly emerging companies in Hyderabad, Telangana which has multiple startups operating in the building such as GoBolt, Mygate, Turbohire, Arrive Delivery, Beavers Intechnology, Seven Robotics, Singular Chain and multiple other startups. 

What is T-Hub [Technology Hub] ?   

T-Hub [Technology Hub] was first established in 2015 and currently holds more than 2000 international and national startups which is a pool of talent, technology, investors, customers, mentors and stakeholders. It is an innovation hub and India’s leading innovation ecosystem and it has a mission to become the biggest ecosystem for innovation. 

T-Hub has an elevated innovation for all the national and international companies that helps transforming simple business ideas into complex business models and solutions only for the betterment. T-Hub is gearing up for its bright future by collaborating with the most innovative partners across the globe. 

T-Hub has the goal of achieving the no.1 global spot for startups and focuses on becoming the global source of demand for innovation and economy in the state. T-Hub is the world’s largest startup incubator cell located in Hyderabad, India There 100+ corporate visits, corporate innovation programs, and quite a popular hubspot for many events and engagement. The largest catalyst cell has a bright future of expanding the number of investors in the upcoming year. 

How Your Brand Is Promoted on Bellplus DOOH Screens at T-Hub? 

Digital Out-of-Home [DOOH] is backed up with AdTech that is used for tracking, personalization, geofencing, targeting and measurement. It shall offer you the benefit of promoting your brand at a larger platform with high impact formats and screens that shall seamlessly integrate the real and virtual environments into the most powerful way possible. 

Bellplus Media DOOH advertising at T-Hub shall reach out to a larger audience and potential customers as multiple startups and companies are located in this building. 

There are 18 stand dual displays in T-Hub that are easily accessible even from a far off distance as today’s consumers are highly connected whether they are at their office, home or anywhere outside. An average consumer spends most of their time outside their home, a large amount of time is spent commuting to work, outside the workplace and away from home.  

Bellplus Media ads are non-skippable with a 100% most viewable ad format and this helps you to unleash your creativity with campaigns that are both unique and engaging at the same time. 

Marketers can easily reach these on-the-go potential customers through the digital out-of-home [DOOH] or digital screens as they have the ability to reach the consumers in real-time as and when the ad is played. There are hundreds of employees and corporates walking within and around the T-Hub building, your advertisements are easily seen on displays from both the sides. You can advertise your brand by weaving a brand story into the consumer journey, activate media, use data, measure campaign results and receive high ROI through advertising on digital screens. 

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