Elevator screens

Turn boring elevator rides into unforgettable experiences with our elevator screens that have stunning features. We only use superior quality hardware fitted with double USB slots and wi-fi receiver. Bell+ pairs this with high-caliber LED screens that support audio and video to create a strong impact.

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Projector advertising

Make your ads dynamic by using projector advertising that’s designed to grab attention. Projectors fixed discreetly to the ceiling of the elevator throws images onto the doors when they are closed creating an eye-catching presence for your brand.

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Do away with old-style flex boards and create a digitally immersive experience with our sleek and interactive kiosks. Specially targeted for enhancing brand recall and corporate communication our kiosks are extremely cost-effective yet visually stunning.

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LED Wall

Digital LED screens bring in a new impactful experience to its viewers. Bell+ aims at creating a WOW factor with its most versatile and ideal display screens for advertising and promoting your brands. It further provides various alternatives based on the infrastructure, location and audience.

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The potential reach in elevator advertising is huge. Bell+ makes sure that you reach your audiences in uniquely engaging ways through innovative digital solutions and products. We offer a dynamic and flexible platform manned by our professional team to ensure that you get unmatched service and results. No matter where you place the ads, we offer targeted benefits for everyone involved.


Are You A Property Holder? Be A Part Of Bell+ Now

It’s not just the brands that benefit from elevator advertising. Property owners stand to gain too. Consider the following, which are just a few of the advantages
  • Generate revenue
    for the property.
  • Easy-to-use interface &
    quick on boarding.
  • Customization to the
    last detail
  • Tracking and monitoring
  • Ready to fit any
    demographic & location
  • Hyper-localization