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Residential Advertising

Elevator lobbies tend to have the highest waiting time in anything rise residential societies where the usual waiting time is 40 seconds to60 seconds with 100% visibility

Mall Advertising

Unlike many OOH advertising platforms, mall advertising stands as the Point of Purchase advertising which is soon turning to a new kind of brand advertising.

Digital Outdoor Advertising

With the tech evolving world, it makes really important to grab the attention of the viewer surrounded by multiple visuals around. Displays are gradually turning digital a solution to this.

Digital Signage Software Solution

To add value to any premium, Hi-tech device, it is the software that stand out.

Property Holder


Are you a Property Holder.? be a part of bellplus now

It's not just the brands that benefit from elevator advertising.Property owners stand to gain too, consider the following, which are just a few of the advantages

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frequently asked questions

Bellplus Media is the one that provides elevator advertising branding in India with digital dual screens, which provide mutual benefits for both brands & property owners. For More Info Click Here

Yes, it is pretty easy. Go to Bellplus Media and register your brand/business, set your campaign then your advertisements are good to go on the digital screens. For More Info Click Here

To Advertise with Bellplus Media mail us at sales@BellplusMedia.com or visit Bellplus Media and register the brand/business and run the campaign with your fingertips. You can also see the ad campaign analytics. For a detailed Step by Step guide to Advertise with Bellplus Media, go through the link given below Click Here

Programmatic DOOH is a type of digital advertising that allows you to buy as well as place digital ads on DOOH screens in real-time. This can be achieved through an ad exchange, in an open marketplace model where publishers make their inventory open to advertisers and buyers. Talking of programmatic DOOH advertising, every brand has a chance of making its campaign into a dynamic mode that helps them in selecting the right advertisement at the perfect time.

Programmatic DOOH provides a wide range of benefits to advertisers which include: • High ROI • Boost sales • Increases brand awareness and audience engagement rapidly • High reachability

From the Bellplus Media client portal, clients get the Analytics related to ad campaigns engagements like. For More info Click Here

  • Ad play count
  • Impressions
  • Screenshots
  • Viewership count

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