Digital signage can increse dwell time in the area by up to 30%


Sales of products promoted on digital signage can increase by up to 33%


Digital Signage has a 52% recall rate, higher than many other media types.


59% of people who saw digital signage wanted to learn more about the product

The DOOH market

India’s digital out of home (DOOH) market is expected to grow rapidly over the next five years as more sites are converted to this format and as brands take advantage of the medium’s agility and ability to deliver measurability.

Growth of DOOH in the Indian market.

The number of DOOH screens has grown fivefold to 60,000 over the past three years, while, at Rs 150 crore, digital accounts for between 3% and 5% of the overall OOH market. Industry estimates suggest...  

DOOH advertising vs Traditional advertising.

The quality of display will be phenomenal, much more data and intelligence will come in, making the medium extremely exciting for brands that will be able to get viewer estimation...  

DOOH advertising vs mobile advertising.

Imagine you are reading a blog and an ad pops up, would you even have a glance at it or how many times have we watched a YouTube ad without skipping, it is annoying and disturbing. While in the case of DOOH its all..  

Why choose DOOH for your ad campaign?

DOOH provides flexibility and integrity in handling your ad campaigns. It is more economical and environment friendly when compared to traditional flex printing billboards. You just have to fix your content   

Why choose bell+ for your DOOH campaign..?

Bell+ brings in a new enhanced version of communication by the brands through its unique digital products which are:
- Customized to deliver the exact message from  

frequently asked questions

Any advertisement that appears in a public environment like commercial spaces, shopping malls, Residential communities, etc., with digital displays, including digital billboards, outdoor signage, and digital screens. For More Info Click Here

Digital out-of-home advertisements are more effective than TV ads, print media, radio, and online because it has a 100% rate of visibility during the waiting time. Digital ooh advertising ensures Maximum recollection of data. For More Info Click Here

Yes, it is one of the most effective marketing channels, which had more visibility ratio than any other channel, especially digitalization in out-of-home advertising.

It helps brands connect with their customers and the target audience in public spaces. It has the high purchasing power to reach high visibility range.

It's not just the brands that benefit from Bell plus Media's elevator advertising & digital advertising screens. Residential communities & Property owners can also get the monetary benefit. For More Info Click Here

The best digital out-of-home advertising mediums for branding are

  • Residential Advertising in lift & lobby spaces,
  • Commercial open spaces
  • Tech parks.
  • Digital Out Door

Unlike the other digital ooh advertisers, Bellplus Media is the only one that competitively provides digital advertising in residential communities in India, which benefits both the brands & property owners by utilizing the most open spaces, and has more purchasing power.

Bellplus Media is the one that provides elevator advertising branding in India with digital dual screens, which provide mutual benefits for both brands & property owners. For More Info Click Here

It just takes a few seconds to install the installation of the ad. It gets approved & all the content related to the below content will disapprove by bell plus the media administration.

Liquor, Obscene Content & Violence.

For More Info Click Here

This is the Bellplus Media official website 

Click on the link to learn more about the Bellplus Media and DOOH services they provide.

Bellplus Media is a new-age digital advertising industry that provides DOOH services all over India in prime locations.

The best DOOH advertising agency, “Bellplus Media” is established on Jan 8th,2021

Mode of communication, target audience, reach and purpose are the major differences where it has been seen that digital out-of-home advertising is much more impactful than traditional advertising. Digital advertising is cost-effective and reaches out to a wider audience in comparison to traditional advertising.

Digital out-of-home advertising reaches out to a large audience, targets the right audience, is easy to purchase with programmatic technology, engages the people and keeps them more connected and engaged with the product. 

Ad spending in the Digital Out-of-Home Advertising segment is expected to reach US$113.60m in 2023. By 2027, the market is projected to reach US$149.40m, a growth rate (CAGR 2023-2027) of 7.09%.

The maximum number of brands local, regional, or international they all believe that they can deliver the best with DOOH. It increases brand awareness, increases ROI, and increases social engagement.

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