Residential Advertising

What is Residential Advertising ?


Residential advertising for DOOH (Digital out of Home) media refers to digital display advertising that appears in the open spaces inside the residential & gated communities or apartment buildings.

To a large extent, Spaces like elevator lobbies, elevator & open spaces.We put together elevators advertising to connect with your audience at their residence.

Why Residential Advertising?


Reaching your audience where they are most pleasured & comfortable

Enhancing high visibility

High purchasing power

Targeting specific potential customers based on location, lifestyle, and more.

Bellplus media opens the opportunity to shout out your brand in the highest purchasing power locations like residential communities. We create mutual benefits for both Brands & Residential communities with dual screens with a dedicated screen to notify the internal communication of residential communities.

Bellplus media is the only one that provides dual digital display-screens competitively with others.

How to Advertise in Residential Communities?

Elevator advertising

Elevator lobbies tend to have the highest waiting time in residential societies where the usual waiting time is 40seconds to 60 seconds with 100% visibility and no interruptions ensuring maximum brand recall by the audience, making the advertising medium very effective by ensuring up to 59% recall rate.

It leads to conversions for the product or service with a more significant ROI, which is effective compared to traditional outdoor media.

To a large extent, Spaces like elevator lobbies, elevator & open spaces.We put together elevators advertising; connect with your audience at their residence.

Reasons to choose Residential Elevator Advertising as Digital ooh advertising Media

Target audience with high purchasing power

Highest recall rates compared to any other outdoor media formats

Flexibility to change the content at any given time

Acts as an information display for residents & helps to recognize brands better.

Advantages of Residential Advertising


Property Owner


Bellplus media provides the sleekest & unique dual display screen competitively in the market.

It has a dedicated screen of 11.6' Inch to display the content related to the residential community.

The residential community can utilize the dedicated screen space for internal management communication & notifications.

Bellplus media will provide screen accessibility to property holders; all the operations of the dedicated screen through a self- Operated mobile application.

Generates another avenue of monetization as another source of income for property owners.

Bellplus generates another avenue of monetization as another source of income for property owners.

The self-operated mobile application makes it easy to update the content displayed on the dedicated screen within a few seconds.

The entire responsibility of the product & equipment is solely taken care of by bellplus media.



Get your brand noticed by your audience with bellplus media.

Brand Advertising in the most impactful residential community advertising: to connect your audience to their homes.

Help you reach out to the high purchasing power audience with our premium lifestyle advertising concept to convert more customers to our client with digital display solutions.

Bellplus media provides access to analytics & reports to analyze real-time data & timely reports for clients.

Bellplus media provides flexibility in choosing online screen slots & locations of the digital outdoor display screen slots to reach out to their customers.

The content displayed on the screens can be changed according to customization & preferences within seconds with a self-operated mobile application.

Bellplus media provides patent software that benefits operations and advertising.

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frequently asked questions

It helps brands connect with their customers and the target audience in public spaces. It has the high purchasing power to reach high visibility range.
Advertising in residential areas or residential communities with digital screens is called residential advertising. It comes under the branch of Digital-out-of-home advertising services. The digital screens are placed at prime locations in residential gated communities, like near elevators, etc
For DOOH advertising in gated communities, we use dual digital screens in which the primary screen is allocated for brands/business ad campaigns and, the secondary screen is dedicated to the property holder in residential gated communities.
based on scale of business sector of business
The key benefits are; You can be where your potential customers reside Increases the brand visibility Boosts the sales Higher engagement
To the benefit of gated communities, Bellplus Media presents certain privileges to property holders, which are as follows; 1. Bellplus Media gives them a dedicated screen of 11.6 -inch size to display the content related to the community from the dual digital screen. 2. The property holder is offered a monetary fund on a per-screen basis every month. 3. On DOOH screens, content can be edited, and uploaded tower-wise on the dedicated screen. The Bellplus Media digital screens are fully dynamic mode, which lets you modify or add any data within seconds.

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