Digital Signage Software Solutions

What is Digital Signage Software Solutions?


It is software where users can create, schedule & distribute information by means of digital media. It is used to prepare and manage the content displayed on digital signage.

Why Digital Signane Software Solutions?


To add value to any premium, Hi-Tech device, it is the software that stands out.

Bellplus media possess a one of its kind patent software that creates benefits not only for easier operations but also for advertising. Its future is prosperous and easy-to-use signage software that runs on OS, Android & Windows web applications.

It provides the clients; a space to create, customize and upload campaigns according to their requirements. It is the simple & secure for content and its management.

Every minute of the client is essential as bellplus media ensures clients' fulfillment; it creates an excellent audience engagement by connecting networks of digital signs to our dual digital displays- a digital floor kiosk with mobile devices, a website & other internet-connected devices.

Benefits for clients/ Property holders:


Bellplus media provides screen accessibility to the property holders, which a self- operated mobile application can operate.

Content up-gradation & customization of content is feasible.

Clients can get live campaign reports and screen- shots to check the live campaign.

Clients can choose the location of bellplus media screens to display their brands to reach out to their customers.

Along with Campaign updates, the client can choose the slots based on their preferences. The screen space would be 10 seconds, 15 seconds & 30 seconds.

Screen accessibility to property holder – Management of the dedicated bottom screen & operation is done through a self-operated mobile application smoothly.

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Digital out-of-home advertisements are more effective than TV ads, print media, radio, and online because it has a 100% rate of visibility during the waiting time. Digital ooh advertising ensures Maximum recollection of data.
It helps brands connect with their customers and the target audience in public spaces. It has the high purchasing power to reach high visibility range.

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