Digital Outdoor Advertising

Digital Outdoor Advertising


Digital Outdoor Advertising has changed the face of our public spaces with the most engaging & advanced enhancements. Digital Outdoor Advertising comprises multiple components, from hardware to software, and these all work together to deliver the best performance out of the digital sign software used in DOOH advertising screens. These are used to master Digital-out-of-home solutions with high-quality, engaging displays, both audio & videos.

Typically, displayed content on a screen falls into video/entertainment, directional/informational, and audio/visual. These three uses can overlap and are the most common ways used by companies and organizations to leverage digital signage in their everyday operations.

Why Digital Outdoor Advertising


Reaching your audience where they are most pleasured & comfortable

Enhancing high visibility

High purchasing power

Targeting specific potential customers based on location, lifestyle, and more.

Bellplus Media is an ad-tech firm with exceptional digital solutions, such as digital dual Screens, Floor Kiosks, digital signage, etc., especially in the most prime locations like residential gated communities & commercial spaces & shopping malls, where the customer has ample amount of time and interest to watch advertisement without having any skippable option with the highest buying behaviors. The use of digital merchandising is to boost sales in various stores/shopping malls.

Bellplus Media is the only one that provides dual digital screen display solutions when compared to others competitively.

Benifits of Digital Outdoor Advertising


Property Owner

Increases the visibility

Recollection of data

Boost in Revenue


Digital connectivity

Prevention of low qualified leads

Reaching audience in a wide range

Our Presence


frequently asked questions

Digital out-of-home advertisements are more effective than TV ads, print media, radio, and online because it has a 100% rate of visibility during the waiting time. Digital ooh advertising ensures Maximum recollection of data.
It helps brands connect with their customers and the target audience in public spaces. It has the high purchasing power to reach high visibility range.
Advertising outdoors on digital screens is called Digital Outdoor Advertising. It comes under the branch of Digital-out-of-home advertising services. The digital screens are placed at outdoor prime locations like near shopping roads, crowded areas, etc.
For outdoor advertisements, we have enlarged digital screens for brands/businesses to run ads in dynamic campaign mode.
Digital outdoor advertisements are not static like traditional outdoor advertising. Unlike traditional outdoor advertising in digital outdoor advertising, we can easily edit or add any content within seconds with the help of dynamic campaign mode. The digital outdoor benefits from the narrowcasting strategies which helps brands to specify the audiences and reach potential customers.
We can measure digital outdoor advertising effectiveness by looking at the graph of increased sales and brand recall value etc. From the Bellplus Media clients portal, clients get the analytics related to ad campaign engagements like ad play count, impressions, screenshots, and viewership count.

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