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How do we target the people residing in the gated communities?

Published on June 27, 2022
Updated on May 04, 2023

Lifestyle as residents in gated communities in India expects to grow 2.5 times more to touch $500 billion in the next five years: Report.

As per The Economic Times India, "Residents & lifestyle in Gated community has expected to increase by 32 % in all the metropolitan cities. "

As of the 2022 survey, 32% of the population in metropolitan cities prefer to reside in a gated community. The gated community is experiencing an exclusive everyday lifestyle in this next-gen era, where they are standardized with well-equipped, digitalize & automate with all amenities, especially in India, where a communal lifestyle is preferred as there are excellent facilities available to the residents.

In fact, The Gated community-revolution has Social Sustainability in Contemporary and Historical Gated Developments. 

Do you know Why people choose a lifestyle in Gated Communities?

A recent report by Techsters Analytics states about Gated Communities which is a $500 Billion Consumption Story, claims that there are 16 million potential customer Families that are residing in gated communities. The report states that this group alone is responsible for the gross consumption of almost 45% of the total consumption rate in the top 50 cities in India.

The known fact that People living in gated communities are relatively isn't a new trend but is now into the limelight because of the increase in the new trends in the Advertising industry that includes Residential gated communities for Branding through DOOH screens. Even before eCommerce brands made their mark, marketers have also known that there are potential customers residing in gated communities. Recently you must have noticed even large brands started advertising and also sponsoring Vinayaka chavithi, Diwali, and New Year for such events that take place in a gated community to grab the attention of the residents.

Because of the privileging housing development amenities, luxury facilities in one place, predominantly Family safety, & capitalization in the gated communities. 

So as now lifestyle has changed, it has been quite challenging to target gated communities!

  As the article report said, consumption through digital channels currently accounts for 15-20% of spending in gated households. one of the primary reasons is the growing need for security solutions, and quick digital adoption leads to increased use of gated management & living style. 

Changing lifestyle to better home value is worth it, but targeting these communities has become rather challenging! Where there has a structured & controlled entrance and management.

For the most part, reaching out to its customers is essential for any brand. An Effective approach & advertising makes people remember your brand!

Here is one of the ultimate and high-performing media that every brand needs to include in their marketing plan particularly reaching out to gated communities. 

It is Digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising. It is one of the most different media for driving long-term relationships with customers, particularly in residential communities. DOOH in residential communities is one of the advanced & next-gen strategies for reaching out to the audience.

Now that we understand which media is effective, we need to know how to target and advertise too.

 Residential advertising -DOOH Media: 

Mostly, all the gated communities have equipped with digital devices; one of the effective ways of reaching out to them is through Digital display advertising inside the gated communities utilizing the spaces like lift lobby spaces, open spaces, clubhouses, Etc. where it has ample amount of waiting time and the highest percent of visibility & reaching out audience in the most impressive way. Predominantly DOOH has the power to recollect the data, which leads to an increase in visibility rate & purchasing power.

Through Digital out-of-home advertising, brands can reach out to their audience right from home when the day starts to the end of the day, returning where it has the highest visibility rate.

Here are the top 6  advantages of DOOH media in reaching out to audiences in gated communities; there are many USPs that offer several excellent benefits to add more value.

Every marketing effort you make should make grow your brand awareness with your target audience, especially in residential communities. Reach out to India's Best Digital OOH Advertising company, which has successfully been of service to  many brands to reach their target audience. They are many scenarios that befitted brands with programmatic DOOH which are beyond direct sales.

Advertising is essential to business; DOOH advertising in gated communities is one of the most significant ways of reaching out to the audience where you can see clients come back time on time and succeed. So make sure the solutions that you choose meets your business needs & growth.

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