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Narrowcasting strategies with DOOH advertising

Published on September 08, 2022
Updated on September 13, 2022

Reach your target audience with narrowcasting:

Narrowcasting signifies sharing information or content directly to a targeted and select audience instead of spamming.

Narrowcasting, a form of digital signage, is a modern way of communicating with your potential customers and team. By delivering alternating or animated content on your screens, you can inform and activate your target group. Whether you want to greet your visitors, show them special promotions or keep your employees up to date, narrowcasting allows you to transmit your message via DOOH only to your potential customers.

Narrowcasting directs towards the targeted segmentation of digital media dissemination. It involves targeting advertising messages at specific segments of the public characterized by values, preferences, customer buying behaviours along with demographic attributes.

Points to be kept in mind while narrowcasting:

High attention value: Narrowcast the brand positioning and advertising strategies to a stage where they can generate high attention from the customers.

Be relevant: Be specific and relevant without diverting the customers as well as the brand from its objectives. Aim your message directly to the potential customers. This way your message will be more relevant and reach the masses by grabbing their attention. 

"No generic, let's go specific with narrowcasting DOOH advertising"

Benefits of Narrowcasting in DOOH advertising:

High Visibility: Narrowcasting your digital screens advertising can highly increase your brand visibility as it is only visible to those potential customers who are likely to take a further step in purchasing or might grab your product/services by following specific narrowcasting strategies.

Engagement: Narrowcasting your digital advertising will create a massive interaction with the brand by engaging with loyal and potential customers.   

Target Audience: Narrowcasting is the strategy of fixating and narrowing your advertising models to identify and reaching towards the only Target audience.

Cost-effective: Applying Narrowcasting strategies in your DOOH advertising can save you a lot of Bucks. When you narrow down and drive specifically regarding reaching out to potential customers, your advertisements will only be visible to those people at places where the loyal & potential customers are high in rate.


Narrowcasting the DOOH advertising With Bellplus Media will help businesses to identify and reach customers who are most likely to be interested in buying and utilizing their products/services. It is always better to have a small bunch of loyal and passionate customers rather than a large pool of people who are uninterested in your business offering. It all comes down to discovering a way to focus on the message to find these passionate individuals and target them in the Ad campaigns.

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