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Residential Advertising at Marvel Sequoia in Whitefield, Bangalore

Published on September 08, 2022
Updated on September 13, 2022

Residential Advertising at Marvel Sequoia apartments is an elite residential project that comes with all essential niceties. Living in this beautiful space nourishes you with top-class facilities and a wholesome space. Live a life of luxury with a lot of comforts at the Marvel Sequoia homes, which are located right next to all workspaces with the beauty of Bangalore city.

Marvel Sequoia at a Glance:

Total No. of flats

Total No. of residents

Total No. of towers

    No. of floors in each tower

No. of visitors per month





3 lacs (approx.)


Beneficial factors of advertise at Marvel Sequoia?

    Total no. of screens

No. of advertising slots per day

Brands that are advertising in Marvel Sequoia 



·     Hi-life 


      Erden creamery

In this gated community, there are 12 DOOH screens in total with 7920 advertising slots per day. Any brand can increase its brand recall value by advertising in the Marvel Sequoia gated community. Because of the major advantage that the ad runs at a time on all 12 screens, it will boost the brand recall value and also build a brand image from the customer's perspective about the brand/business.

How to advertise in the Marvel Sequoia gated community:

Marvel Sequoia has collaborated with Bellplus media "the Indian top digital out-of-home advertising firm", which provides some fascinating benefits to property holders in gated communities.

To the benefit of gated communities, Bellplus Media presents certain privileges to property holders, which are as follows:

1. Bellplus Media gives them a dedicated screen of 11.6 -inch size to display the content related to the community. 

2. The property holder is offered a monetary fund on a per-screen basis every month.

3. On DOOH screens, content can be edited, and uploaded tower-wise in the dedicated screen to the community. The Bellplus Media digital screens are fully dynamic mode with the integrated software named digital signage, which lets you modify or add any data within seconds.

Bellplus Media offers residential advertising services which fall under the branch DOOH advertising. The Bellplus media screens are placed at various locations all over the gated community.

The residents living at Marvel Sequoia are a high-income class with all kinds of age groups, which drives this community an ideal fit for any brand/business to increase its brand visibility by Advertising at the Marvel Sequoia gate community With Bellplus Media.

To Advertise in Marvel Sequoia gated community with Bellplus Media, visit and register your brand/business & run the digital campaigns with your fingertips.


DOOH advertising is the new trend in the market right now, every brand/business continuously stretches to upgrade with new happenings in the market to make their presence on the top, a step ahead of the competitors.

To ensure that your brand/business is always ahead of the opponents, choose the top DOOH advertising firm in India "Bellplus Media" to reach your potential audiences right away by advertising in the Marvel Sequoia, one of the opulent gated communities in Bangalore.

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