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The New Trends in DOOH Advertising

Published on June 27, 2022
Updated on May 04, 2023

What's going on?

DOOH is going on: DOOH is a new shape of marketing, this is now in fashion and attracting the target marketplace rapidly. Bellplus Media provides many trending DOOH offerings which include Residential advertising, Mall marketing, Elevator display screen, digital display solutions, and digital signage software solutions.

There is an excessive upward push in the out-of-home marketing (DOOH) form of advertising after the pandemic. DOOH is a barely cutting-edge shape of OOH, that is now boosted and utilized by all scaled established companies.

New trends in DOOH:

After the pandemic hit, the media and advertising industry drastically changed how they approach their target audience. Here are some trends that most marketers inhabit to make the most of this technology and sustain the market change.

Omnichannel with DOOH:

With DOOH enterprise proprietors should no longer think about diverse campaigns for special virtual advertising and marketing channels. Omnichannel allows you to combine the cell era, social media, and out-of-door presentations. Perfect integration of those communique channels might reduce the investment in time or media buys.

Dynamic campaign mode in DOOH:

DOOH advertising has exceptional advantages, as it is a newly emerging trend. DOOH is a dynamic, brands can easily change, upload, and monitor their content on their devices with "Bellplus Media" user-friendly exquisite Digital Signage Software.

Use noisy traffic to drive ads:

Intelligence and creative use of technology are effective tactics to create a unique place for brands. Considering the time people spend while driving, using traffic to manipulate ads seems like an excellent strategy to market a business.

DOOH is also placed inside the vehicles. Targeting customers in their cabs and vehicles is an ideal strategy.

Digital signage software solution:

The digital signage software is designed by Bellplus Media for making the campaigns into dynamic mode. Also, this software is hackproof and user-friendly. Digital signage software, helps you to convert a potential customer into an actual client or a loyal customer, displaying this new trend in the right marketplace will increase maximum reach.

Use of DOOH in Residential areas:

The use of residential areas for brand advertising is not beneficial for brands, it is profitable to the property owner as well. If approached and targeted properly by using DOOH at the right place, it will upraise your business visibility drastically a few weeks down the line.

Mall advertising:

Mall advertising is the game-changer in increasing the range of the brand by creating impulse buying. Reach consumers on their way to purchase with digital Out of Home media that will boost them while they are in a shopping mood.


DOOH has its special perks as it can increase the brand recall rate to the absolute maximum level. The new trends in DOOH are attracting more brands towards it through their amazing dynamic USPs. Bellplus Media is introducing trend-setting DOOH advertising.

Every industry around the globe can now dominate while marking its presence, "Bellplus Media" Digital Out-of-Home Advertising, which will increase the brand value with a powerful impact.

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