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Things You Need To Know About The Rise Of DOOH Advertising

Published on March 25, 2023
Updated on September 22, 2023

According to a study by Research and Markets, it is estimated that the DOOH market size was valued at $41.06 billion dollars and by 2026 it is expected to rise at an exponentially increasing rate into a $50B market. Rise and impact of Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising is so massive that it is beyond any data or statistics. It is now all around us and it has been revolutionized to the greatest extent as a result of programmatic DOOH

DOOH Advertising is pretty responsive, agile, genuine and on time delivery of messages. In recent years, DOOH has become the center of focus as they are estimated to reach a market size of $33.37 billion by 2026. DOOH advertising delivers real-time content and can also be controlled from a remote location and demands less expenses. Unlike traditional billboards it incurs less printing and installation costs and is more appealing to the advertisers. 

According to WARC’S latest report, DOOH is the second fastest growing medium in the year 2021 and ever since the market of DOOH is rising in leaps and bounds. In 2019-2020 the ad spending rose by 20.2% and in 2021 it has increased by 19.2% and continues to increase in 2023. 

DOOH Is A Reliable Marketing Strategy 

The Digital Out-Of-Home [DOOH] is present everywhere and almost 83% of consumers come across DOOH ads on the highways while driving their cars. 98% of the consumers visit at least one DOOH venue each month and gain an everlasting impression where the brand is rightly integrated into a consumer’s daily life. This creates maximum brand awareness, brand name with minimal disruption for the consumers. 

Digital Out-Of-Home has been used for a very long time but it has made an immense impact only in the recent years. From time to time it has been proved that a broad audience has a major role to play in impactful messaging and also there is a rise of DOOH campaigns in recent years. According to the latest trend almost 85% of advertising executives have planned to integrate programmatic DOOH into multi-channel campaigns. 

Most of the buyers [67%] are happy with the flexible options of buying via programmatic DOOH. It is on the rise due to the flexibility and market targeting capabilities and as a result of which 50% of the marketers are investing into the programmatic advertising that includes programmatic DOOH. 

DOOH Improves The Website Performance 

The Digital Out-Of-Home [DOOH] enables the marketers to make effective measures for initiating the DOOH campaign, which includes behaviors, web conversions, in-app actions such as orders and in-app activities and app downloads. More than 66% of the consumers claim that DOOH encourages them to make searches online and gives them all the required information that is required for making the decision of purchase. 

69% of the viewers after making an online search visits the physical store and make social media posts that have improved the performance of the product on an online platform. After seeing any digital ad on DOOH the 65% of the clients visits the business physically and 92% makes an actual purchase after the visit. This has proved that programmatic DOOH advertising is a more effective and sustainable medium when compared to traditional advertising. It provides the marketers with great flexibility, speed, real-time data and analytics. DOOH as a part of the marketing strategy blends physical and digital channels to create a robust marketing strategy. 


DOOH ads are displayed on the digital signage boards that are connected to the internet. Such digital signages include kiosks, digital billboards, tablets, digital notice boards and digital street displays. DOOH has been used for the purpose of creating brand awareness, data driven information and reaching out to the target audience or customers. 

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