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Trending & Innovative USPs of Bellplus Media DOOH services

Published on September 15, 2022
Updated on September 15, 2022

Trending & Innovative USPs of Bellplus Media DOOH services

Bellplus Media is the largest, independent, privately-held digital-out-of-home advertising technology company and is on a mission to transform the digital out-of-home advertising experience through technologically empowering brands to conceive smarter marketing campaigns with our Pan-India DOOH network.

With a long and successful history of developing and advancing new technology, bringing new e-concepts to the marketplace, and leading modern-day innovation techniques in the advertising industry, Bellplus Media is devoted to building brands, propelling brand messages, and maximizing brand engagement with the audiences across diversified lifestyles via the power of high-impact digital visual and mode of communication. 

USPs of Bellplus Media DOOH services, which makes brands love their services:

With our patented and advanced software, we reduced the human intervention and the difficulty in running an advertising campaign. Brands can create and directly upload the content onto their desired screen network available across India. Not just easiness, Security is another top talking point here. Our software is built to be cloud-based, highly secured that never compromises and protects the information related to the client, and ensures that ad campaigns run smoothly on every selected digital screen.

We value every penny the brands spend on advertising on our digital screen network and we do understand how analytics plays a vital role in their decision-making. So, this has been made one of the beautiful aspects of our client-servicing software.

Brands from their client portal, have 24/7 access to the real-time KPIs of their advertisements and campaigns to understand how wise their every penny is being spent. Analytics include Ad Impressions, Ad play count, Screenshots of their Ad appearances, and Viewership count.

First in the industry to introduce the strategically thought ‘Dual Screen’ in Residential/Gated Community Advertising, to also cater to the Property holders along with the brands. The primary screen is allocated for brands/businesses for their ad campaigns and, the secondary screen is dedicated to the communities and their residents and grabs the eyeballs of the audience as it is their digital notice board and from which they know what’s happening in the community. 

To the benefit of gated communities, Bellplus Media presents equal opportunities and certain privileges to property holders, which are as follows; 

One of the goals we set for ourselves is to become a one-stop destination for brands’ tech advertisement needs and help them reach their targeted audience wherever they are, and we achieved it through our multifarious DOOH services.

  1. Residential advertising 

  2. Mall advertising

  3. Digital outdoor advertising

  4. Digital signage software solutions

Bellplus Media provides the innovative new-age campaign mode with an exceptional dynamic user-friendly interface. This enables the brands/businesses to edit or add any content on the digital screens in a few seconds and make their ads so engaging and relevant to the audience to leave a brand impression in the audiences’ minds. 

This is the world where businesses are not just limited to their hometowns or their home states, rather they are ambitious for a pan-India and global presence and modern advertising should be a companion in achieving it. We understand it very well and as we spread across India in most of the Metros like Bangalore, Mumbai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, and Goa, we help brands reach the most.

Bellplus Media digital outdoor screens are available in the most beautiful tourist places like Baga beach, and you can find screens all over the beach area in the shopping streets. At search tourist places, we get to attract a diverse population with full attractive digital screen advertisements.

• Non-skippable, 100% the most viewable ad format

• More evolved geo-targeting and geo-fencing capabilities

• Unleash your creativity with campaigns that are both unique, trendy, engaging, and fun to watch.


Bellplus Media has established an impressive DOOH brand positioning in the marketplace with its exceptional USPs. Which makes brands love our innovative ways of taking them to the right audience and creating a footprint on them. Still, what are you waiting for, to make your brand/business reach the right audience innovatively!? We are with you, Talk to our expert.

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