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Published on June 27, 2022
Updated on May 04, 2023

In today’s day where there is immense competition when it comes to making a presentation of your brand in the market, strategic and well-planned advertising plays an important role. Every brand wants the best when it comes to promoting their business to the audience and the best form to do it is DOOH: Digital Out Of Home advertising. There are many advertising agencies that are using this form of advertising, but when it comes to Bellplus Media, we give you the best platform to promote your brand. We prioritize our clients and facilitate them with the best technology and infrastructure when it comes to promoting their business to the right audience.

Know more about us:

We are an Ad-Tech Company looking for another angle in the digital-out-of-home advertising industry with our own patented software and customized hardware. We have the best services of Digital Out Of Home advertising, that give you full results and help grow your business in the right direction. The majority of the people are out of their homes for more than 8 hours a day according to statistics and it is difficult to reach them through the traditional ways of advertising, this is where DOOH takes the upper hand. We believe it shall be easy for every brand to talk to their target audience in an uninterrupted manner. Our objective is to facilitate the flow of conversation that will clear the gap between the brands and the audience to enhance brand engagement.


Bellplus Media is the first AdTech company to introduce dual-screen advertising into DOOH, using these screens both the advertisers and the property holders are in benefit. In dual-screen advertising, there is a vertical long screen divided into two parts. The larger screen size is given to the brand to promote itself and the smaller size is dedicated to the property holder to advertise themselves. Our dual screens don’t just give you visual advertisements but also provide audio to your advertisement, it helps in creating higher engagement with the audience and keeps a higher recall rate of the brand. 

Are you a property holder?

Bellplus Media is not just a place for the brands to be in profit but property holders also stand a chance to gain profit. Through this feature, the property holder can have some advantages such as:

Generate revenues for the property

Easy to use interface and quick boarding

Hyper localization abilities

Ready to fit any demographic and location

Customization to the last detail

Services we provide:

Residential Elevator Advertising:
Elevator lobbies have the most waiting time of about 40-60 seconds with 100% visibility and no interruptions making sure there is maximum brand recall by the audience. Under residential elevator advertising you have:

Brand recall

Targeted audience with buying capacity

Change or edit content at anytime

Mall Advertising:
 This is a form of end-to-end advertising giving you the opportunity to reach individuals when they are already in the mood for shopping. As malls are location-specific, the brands can easily target the local audience. 

Digital Display Solutions:
At Bellplus Media, we provide enterprise-level acceptable pitch display solutions that project clear pictures with high-resolution formats that merge precisely with the aesthetic and a user-friendly operating interface to change with just a click. 

 Digital Signage Software Solution:
Bellplus Media has its own patent software that makes it easier to operate. It provides the customers with a space to create, customize and also upload the campaign as per their requirements. 

Advertise and promote your brand like never before at Bellplus Media with the use of new technology that will enhance the presence of your brand in the market.

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