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Residential Advertising at Lanco Hills, Manikonda

Published on July 02, 2022
Updated on May 19, 2023

Lanco Hills presents you with the most coveted feature in urban living, the absolute privilege of space. All towers are well finished on the exterior and endure a designer's touch on every interior. Every home is specified with modern niceties of urban living and ensures utmost privacy with only 4 Vaastu compliant apartments on each floor. You can be in a world from your haven full of comfort. In every way, homes at Lanco Hills give you the benefit of a life which is a cut above the rest.

Lanco Hills has a wonderful history in times as it is the first gated community in Manikonda that induced the lifestyle of living in gated communities by providing fascinating homes and facilities with high security. 

A Glimpse about Lanco Hills:

Total No. of flats

Total No. of residents

Total No. of towers

No. of visitors per month




6 lacs (approx.)

Why advertise in Lanco Hills?

32% of Hyderabad’s total population are residing in Gated Communities. To know more about advertising in Gated Communities, Click Here

Total no. of screens

No. of advertising slots per day

Brands that are advertising in Lanco Hills



Malabar gold

Vertex homes real-estate

Apollo Hospitals

Care Hospitals

In this community, there are a total of 42 DOOH screens with 28800 advertising slots per day. Any brand can easily increase its brand recall value by advertising in the Lanco hills gated community because of the fact that the ad runs simultaneously on all 42 screens which will increase the brand recall value and also builds a brand image from the customer perspective.

How to advertise in the Lanco Hills Digital Screens :

Lanco Hills in efforts towards enhancing the charm of their property, tied up with the No.1 digital out-of-home advertising firm in India that is Bellplus Media. To benefit the gated communities Bellplus Media offers certain privileges to the property holders, which are as follows; 

  1. Bellplus Media provides them with a dedicated screen of 11.6 -inch size to display the content related to the community, the operation of the display is given through a mobile application making it very user-friendly and easy to update content in the dedicated screen allotted to the property.
  2. The property holder is given a monetary fund on a per-screen basis per month and a quarterly advance, which can contribute to the budget of the property management
  3. Content can be changed by Tower wise in the dedicated screen allocated to the society
  4. Bellplus Media offers amazing residential advertising services which come under DOOH advertising. The Bellplus Media screens are present at the lifts and in different places all over the community.
  5. The population residing at Lanco Hills is a high-income group with all kinds of age groups, which makes this community a perfect fit for any brand to build its brand visibility by Advertising at Lanco Hills gated community With Bellplus Media.

To advertise at Lanco Hills with Bellplus Media:

Step 1- Register with Bellplus Media and choose your campaign with us

Step 2- Meet your audience based on the location of the displays and target market

Step 3- Upload your content into our templates via our client web application

Step 4- Choose your mode of payment and watch your campaign go live in a few moments...!!

The screens are dynamic with software named digital signage, which lets you change or add any information within seconds.  

To advertise with Bellplus Media please contact us on the email:


Every consumer brand chooses a marketing strategy that aims to draw the consumer’s attention and increase the brand value. Advertising in gated communities like Lanco Hills is an excellent marketing strategy.

Now that we have understood the significance and benefits of advertising in Lanco hills, one of the opulent gated communities in Hyderabad. Don't wait for too long to get benefitted from this gated community advertising, so get yourself registered on the Bellplus Media website, Click Here

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