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Residential Advertising at Prestige Ivy League, Kondapur

Published on August 06, 2022
Updated on September 13, 2022

A gated community provided with the features of a luxury living in near proximity with workspace has been designed for average urban dwellers in order to ensure they will never be distanced from the family. The community is well designed by keeping in mind every age group. Prestige Ivy League is in Kondapur, near to many techs and MNCs.

Prestige Ivy League at a Glance:

Total No. of flats

Total No. of residents

Total No. of towers

No. of visitors per month




3.5 lac (approx.)

Why advertise in prestige Ivy League?

Prestige Ivy League is offering residential advertising in collaboration with Bellplus Media, the details are as follows

    Total no. of screens

No. of advertising slots per day

Brands that are advertising in Prestige Ivy League



1. Apollo hospitals

2. Malabar Gold

3. Swargaseema sandal farms Pvt. Ltd

4. Second skin

5. Aparna Lead the Future

6. Tooth company

7. One Hyderabad

8. Inorbit - H&M

In this community, the ad runs 6480 times a day through 9 DOOH screens. Any brand can easily boost its brand recall rate by advertising in the Prestige Ivy League for the factor the ad runs simultaneously on all nine screens which will increase the brand recall value in customer minds.

How to advertise in the Prestige Ivy League Digital Screens:

Prestige Ivy League is collaborating with the Bellplus Media No.1 digital out-of-home advertising firm in India to increase the value of their properties. Bellplus Media provides the following amenities to its gated community property holders:

  1. Bellplus Media provides them with a dedicated screen of 11.6 -inch size to display any content related to the community, it can be operated through a mobile application and its user-friendly, can easily update content. 
  2. Each property owner receives a monetary fund on a per-screen basis per month, as well as a quarterly advance, which can be used for property management.
  3. The dedicated screen allocated to the gated society can be changed Tower-wide.

Bellplus Media has been offering amazing residential advertising solutions which fall under the DOOH advertising category.

The Bellplus Media screens are placed at the lifts and in various locations all over the community where the most frequent visitors come every day.

The Prestige Ivy League has a high-income group of various ages, making it a great fit for any brand as it can build its visibility. There are several strategies that companies can use to test the viability of their product and capture the audience's feedback: Advertising at Prestige Ivy League gate community With Bellplus Media.

Advertise at Prestige Ivy League with Bellplus Media:

Step 1- Register with Bellplus Media and choose your campaign with us

Step 2- Meet your audience by choosing the location of the displays as Prestige Ivy League

Step 3- Upload your content into our templates via our client web application

Step 4- Choose your mode of payment and watch your campaign go live in a few moments!

The whole advertising process is so simple and dynamic at the same time that it allows you to change, revise, and add information within seconds.

To advertise with Bellplus Media please contact us on the email:


DOOH advertising will benefit both companies and the communities they target by running advertising campaigns through Bellplus Media digital screens.

Many consumer brands and businesses are getting consumer’s attention as well as increasing the brand recall value through the marketing strategies that include residential advertisement as part of the campaign.

Now that we have better understood the benefits of Residential advertising in the Prestige Ivy League community, one of the opulent gated communities in Hyderabad. 

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