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Why to choose Gated Community Advertising?

Published on June 28, 2022
Updated on May 19, 2023

Customer buying behavior and perspective views of consumers change rapidly from time to time, this has let the markets evolve towards a consumer-oriented approach with new trends in marketing. To be more consumer-oriented and increase the brand identity at the right place where your target audiences are residents of that gated community, DOOH is one of the amazing advertising strategies.

According to a survey conducted, 32% of Hyderabad's population is residing in the gated communities. This factor itself answers the elephant in the room, ‘why to choose gated community advertising?’. Don’t just be satisfied with one answer, read further for more such answers. 

Specifically, since a half quarter of the 20th century, gated communities have become widespread in Hyderabad. Similar to many other places around the world, this has increased the importance of marketing strategies in the residential sector. Although marketing strategies for gated communities emphasize many concepts, their primary focus is on creating a brand image in the consumers’ minds that these communities offer a privileged lifestyle so that factor brands can be used in targeting residents by using DOOH advertising.

Bellplus Media, an innovative ad tech firm is making the gated community advertising easy and beneficial for both the brands and property holders. 

Insights of Bellplus Media:

We are India's No.1 digital out-of-home advertising firm, providing DOOH Advertising services in gated communities, which is indeed known as Residential advertising, along with advertising services in the biggest shopping malls of Hyderabad. Our innovation led us to provide equal opportunity to the property holders with a dedicated screen transforming the properties into digitalization. This makes us the preferred choice of property holders and so became the biggest digital screen network in Hyderabad.

The population residing in Gated communities is a high-income group with all kinds of age groups, which makes these communities a perfect fit for any brand to build its brand visibility by Advertising in Gated communities with Bellplus Media. The Bellplus Media screens are present at the lifts and in different places all over the gated communities, which indeed will increase the brand's recall value.

Benefits of opting for Gated Community Advertising:

Reaches to the right target audiences

Boost the sales

Improves the brand recall value

It is the perfect place for conducting a brand audit/product viability

Benefits of Gated Community Advertising for property holders:

To benefit the gated communities, Bellplus Media is offering certain privileges to property holders, which are as follows; 

Bellplus Media provides them with a dedicated screen of 11.6 -inch size to display the content related to the community, the operation of the display is given through a mobile application making it very user-friendly and easy to update content in the dedicated screen allotted to the property.

The property holder is given a monetary fund on a per-screen basis per month and a quarterly advance, which can contribute to the budget of the property management which is mentioned in detail below.

Content can be changed Tower wise in the dedicated screen allocated to the society.


Any brand can easily increase its brand recall value by advertising in the gated community because of the fact that the ad runs simultaneously on the all screens which will increase the brand recall value and also builds a brand image from the customer perspective. Generally, gated communities have more visitors (more than 3 lac per month) which is an amazing factor that will increase the brand visibility.

Every industry around the globe can now dominate while marking its presence, "Bellplus Media" Digital Out-of-Home Advertising (DOOH), which will

increase the brand value with a powerful impact.

To advertise with Bellplus Media please contact us on the email: sales@bellplusmedia.com


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